NASHVILLE — (02-23-21) — The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) voted on Tuesday to ban two of its churches for being too inclusive on LGBTQ+ issues. Apparently being inclusive is now considered a sin by the Southern Baptist Convention. So much for “All of Gods Children”.

The anti-LGBTQ organization made their decision during a hearing by the church’s executive committee, the governing board for the Nashville-based SBC.

The other measure that outraged the largest Protestant denomination in the United States was the fact that the two churches had the nerve affirming homosexual behavior.

Southern Baptist leader Al Mohler approved the anti-LGBTQ move by the committee’s Board via a tweet posted this afternoon writing, “These actions were necessary and proper.”

Needless to say the responses were swift!


Towne View Baptist Church of Kennesaw, Georgia was one of the two banned churches and why? For allowing a gay couple into its congregation in 2019.

“We knew that this wouldn’t pass unnoticed,” Rev. Jim Conrad said in a Friday interview with The Tennessean.

The outlet also reported that over 30 percent of Towne View’s congregation left the church over their decision to allow the gay couple into the church.

Rev. Jim Conrad told The Tennessean that his church was warned a year ago about their potential ousting, and then received a follow-up warning last month, but that the ban is a blessing in disguise! “It’s given us a chance to tell our story,” said Conrad. “We feel like we’ve followed God’s leadership and we endured a lot of pain, people leaving, but those that have remained are committed that there is a place for this kind of church in our community and the response has been very overwhelming.” said Conrad.

St. Matthews Baptist of Louisville, Kentucky was the other church who felt the wrath of the SBC. Their sin? Making financial donations that benefitted the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship back in 2018 for allowing the hiring of LGBTQ+ employees.

When will these people stop living in the dark ages?

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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