LOS ANGELES — (02-22-21) — The new Twinkloads.com daddy/twink genre network scores a hit with Connor Casey and Cam Casey starring in  ‘Cam Casey Bottoms: Encounter 1 (2021). The mouth watering heart pounding production delivers for 18-25 genre lovers worldwide!

The new online network created by Jason Sparks, joins Entertainment conglomerate Carnal Media and is ready to deliver the gay adult film industry another priceless network worthy of major attention!

The master mind behind gay porn networks JasonSparksLive.com, RawFuckBoys.com and JockPussy.com, unveil his newest masterpiece theme site of “hung young men who absolutely owns their daddies they encounter.”

With the launch of the Twinkloads.com Network, “unicorn” 9-inch cock blonde model Connor Taylor delivers a jaw dropping performance with co-star Daddy Casey Cam in ‘Cam Casey Bottoms: Encounter 1 and I just can’t wait to see how fast adult affiliates will be racing to begin promoting this climatic scene!

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”How often do you find a twink that’s ripped with a 9-inch cock who is a ginger?” says Sparks rhetorically.

Jason Sparks has earned a reputation for discovering some the industry’s hottest talent during his cross country road trips, many of whom made their debuts on his flagship JasonSparksLive.

“We are very excited for all our new properties within the Carnal Media/GunzBlazing Bareback Network,” said owner/operator Legrand Wolf. “If TwinkLoads is anything like our new site ScoutBoys, affiliates and consumers alike are going to be VERY happy.” said Wolf.

“Cam Casey didn’t order a meat supreme pizza for the food. He’s after the twink delivery boy he’s heard so much about. The moment Connor Taylor steps inside, Cam grabs his cock and leads him to the living room. Cam is already bulging in his basketball shorts as the two make out. They remove one another’s shirts, and when the shorts come off, Cam lets a massively thick dick swing out of his pants. The two frot their cocks together: Cam is thicker, but Connor is longer. Cam wants that long pink meat hitting the back of his throat.

Cam doesn’t require any instruction on what to do next. He moves to the couch and puts his ass up in the air. Connor gets his face in the eager bottom’s ass and starts lapping at his hole. Cam grinds back and forth against him, writhing on the twink’s face with his thick cock dangling heavy against the seat cushion. Connor can’t wait any longer. He presses his cock right into Cam’s ass. Cam is one happy bottom, shouting, “Gimme that big twink dick. Fuck daddy’s hole!”

Watch ‘Cam Casey Bottoms: Encounter 1

Twinkloadsdotcom-Cam Casey Bottoms-Encounter 1-Carnal-Media-2021-02-22-jrl-charts-004

TwinkLoads joins Sparks’ other properties in the Carnal Media Family and the GunzBlazing Bareback Network, which recently added the highly popular new ScoutBoys.com.

With TwinkLoads, ScoutBoys, FunSizeBoys.com, Gaycest, TwinkTop, BoyForSale, and GrowlBoys, Carnal Media promises even more major news in the weeks to come.

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February 18, 2021

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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