LOS ANGELES, CA — (02-20-21) — LatinBoyz unleashes newcomer Monster cock pretty boy stud ‘Hardcore’.  The 20 year-old 5’7″ 143 lbs. Monster Cock Colombian Latin twink is ready to make a huge impact upon the Gay adult film industry in 2021 and judging by his photoshoot pics, he is sure to be one of the most popular Latin twink studs of the year.

Latinboyz newcomer Hardcore joins the ranks of Latinboyz Monster Cock Newcomer Misterio, Boxer Model CezarMonster Cock Boxer Mario and Kickboxer newcomer CASTRO.

Latinboyz Introduce Monster Packing Stud 'Hardcore'-2021-02-20-jrl-charts-002

Latinboyz Introduce Monster Packing Stud 'Hardcore'-2021-02-20-jrl-charts-003“When he was growing up Hardcore was a little shorter than a lot of the other guys at school so he started getting tattoos (lots of them) and learned how to fight to protect himself,” said Latinboyz Director VeoVerga. “His hardcore look turned on the girls and he fucked a lot of them. Even guys would hit up on him so one night at a party two years ago he ended up fucking a dude for the first time in the bathroom and liked it. Since then he’s been fucking girls and guys.”said VeoVerag.

Veoverga continued…”Last year Hardcore was with a guy that was sucking his dick who then moved down to his balls and eventually started eating his ass. He let him keep doing it and eventually the guy replaced his tongue with his dick and he got fucked for the first time. He still tops 90% of the time but doesn’t mind bottoming for the right guy.”

Latinboyz Introduce Monster Packing Stud 'Hardcore'-2021-02-20-jrl-charts-003

Get ready for Latinboyz newcomer Hardcore to exhibited his huge and tasty cock for your pleasure needs!

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Latinboyz Introduce Monster Packing Stud 'Hardcore'-2021-02-20-jrl-charts-005

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February 13, 2021

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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