WASHINGTON D.C. — (02-15-21) — With more than 140,000 voters across 25 states exiting the Republican Party in January, the Democratic National Committee has released “Republicans Leaving Party In Droves”, exploiting the record defections from the GOP by its voters.

This on the same day as the Republican leading pollster Rasmussen Reports, show president Joe Biden with a 53% Approval rating among registered Republicans.

The “Republicans Leaving Party In Droves” political ad makes a pitch for Republican voters to rethink their loyalties and their future.

The spot includes former Secretary of State Colin Powell saying that he can no longer call himself a Republican, and one of former Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele saying that “When you’re losing Republican members and you’re left with QAnon and Proud Boys, you’ve got to reassess whether or not you’re even close to being a viable party.

Former RNC National committee chairman Michael Steele was an outspoken critic of former President Trump and in October, endorsed President Biden.

The ad also notes that rank-and-file voters are leaving the GOP. More than 140,000 voters across 25 states left the Republican Party in January.

The video ends with a clip of President Biden’s inaugural address, urging unity.

“Unity is the path forward,” Biden says. “And we must meet this moment as the United States of America.”

Watch Republicans Leaving Party in Droves (2021)

The ad is set to run on digital platforms over the next few months, according to a DNC official..

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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