LAS VEGAS — (02-08-21) (Press Release) — Crystal Delights, the pleasure glass manufacturer, has added several new designs to its collection in time for Valentine’s Day season plus, review the next generation of its official website

The pleasure products company is currently highlighting six new borosilicate glass products for play: the Rainbow Bubble Dildo, the FunFetti Plug, the Crystal-T Handle Plug, and 3 Sparkle Plugs with unique designs: the Crystal base, Magnetic base, and detachable base—and all are available immediately for wholesale and retail sales.

“We are so excited to be able to bring our new ‘Brought to you by’ products to the marketplace,” said Crystal Delights owner Andrew Schwartz. “Working in collaboration with our new larger glass manufacturer, we are able to bring these innovative designs to everyone at an economical price and maintain the quality standards we are known for.” said Schwartz.

The company has stated that it is committed to highlighting the Crystal Delights promise of top quality throughout the company’s two manufacturing channels.

Crystal Delights “Made by us” products are manufactured locally in the company’s manufacturing facility in Washington state.

Plus, Crystal Delights “Brought to you by,” products are manufactured by the company’s new partner, which can produce Crystal Delights designs at a lower price. The company passes this reduction in manufacturing costs along to its customers.

Additionally, Crystal Delights inspects and approves all new products to ensure their quality standards. All of the company’s newest releases are “Brought to you by” products.

The original Sparkle Plug namesake collection has been updated with removable base attachments, including a stationary crystal base that shines in several color options.

Options include magnetic bunny tails, a variety of fun magnetic medallions, or the detachable screw-base option that works with both Pony and Faux Fur Tail attachments.

The Sparkle Butt Plug, featuring the company’s standard short stem/small bulb plug design, is made from hollow borosilicate tubing filled with crystals that boom with bling. The original Sparkle Butt Plug with Crystal Base is currently available in seven colors, including red, black, blue, aurora borealis, gold, clear and pink.

Retailers, the Sparkle Plug with detachable screw-base, easily unscrews from the base for easy hand washing and cleaning of the glass plug.

Sparkle Ponytail Plugs are available in pink, black, a five-color primary blend and a five-color pastel blend and work with their detachable Faux Fur Tails too.

Then there is the Sparkle Bunny Tail Plug with a magnetic base that is decorated with a fluffy faux fur bunny tail at the flared base. The tail attaches with a strong magnet and slides off for cleaning. Also, the plug base will work with any of the magnetic medallions available. Faux bunny tails are available in white, pink and black.

The FunFetti Plug features a tapered bulb and short, slim neck in a rainbow kaleidoscope glass pattern. The base of the plug shines with an aurora borealis crystal. The FunFetti Plug is safe for beginners’ butt play.

The Crystal-T Plug is a clear glass anal bulb with a functional design. This short-stemmed, beginner-friendly anal toy features a T-shaped bar for easy handling and grip during play, and comfortable retrieval after. The T-handle has also been crafted with beveled edges, enhancing both the appearance and functionality of the Crystal-T.

Finally, Crystal Delights has added the Rainbow Bubble Dildo to its glass dildo line. This dildo features cascading balls, curved, and colored like a rainbow, with a glittery dichroic bulb on one end.

“With our additional production capacity, you can expect a bright, shining (and sparkly) 2021 from Crystal Delights,” said Shellie Yarnell, Creative Director and owner.

Retailers and distributors can get wholesale information by contacting Crystal Delights via

Make sure to visit the Crystal Delights Official website to review the range of borosilicate glass pleasure products.

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