CZECH REPUBLIC — (02-07-21) — BelAmiOnline breaks out with ‘Jon Kael and Maori Mortensen’ (2021) in raw monster cock climatic action.  From executive producer George Duroy comes another delicious raw monster cock production that only the BelAmi Entertainment Network could deliver!

Plus don’t forget about the upcoming DVD release of BelAmi Entertainment’s long awaited Summer Loves 3 (2021), scheduled to street on February 24th through Pulse Distribution in the USA and Vimpex Media in the EU.

Following the success of their online hits; Jeroen Mondrian Seducing Yannis Paluan (2021) and Torsten Ullman and Nils Tatum (2021), Duroy delivers his massive network audience ‘Jon Kael pounds Maori Mortensen’ in jaw dropping action.

BelAmiOnline - Jon Kael and Maori Mortensen-2021-02-07-jrl-charts-002

BelAmiOnline - Jon Kael and Maori Mortensen-2021-02-07-jrl-charts-003

BelAmiOnline - Jon Kael and Maori Mortensen-2021-02-07-jrl-charts-004

“A number of you have been asking for some more of our ‘Jock’ type models, so we decided to adjust our schedule and bring you this scene with Jon Kael and Maori Mortensen.

Our storyline rings a little ‘alternate fact’ today, as it is obvious with boners like that, the boys have no plan whatsoever to go to the pool. After trying on a couple of pairs of jocks, they give up on the pretense of swimming and get down to some serious fucking instead.

At first we thought we were in for a treat with Maori topping Jon, but it was not to be. Not that the reverse pairing is bad at all, and Jon doesn’t hold back at all as he slams his dick in and out of Maori’s hole, his balls slapping his buddy on the ass each time. Note to George: let’s do this one again in reverse!”

The BelAmiOnline Network’s ‘Jon Kael pounds Maori Mortense’ premiered on February 5, 2021.

Watch Jon Kael pounds Maori Mortense (NSFW Trailer)

BelAmiOnline - Jon Kael and Maori Mortensen-official-nsfw-trailer-2021-02-07-jrl-charts

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February 6, 2021

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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