PEARL, MS — (02-05-21) — Brick and mortar adult boutique Romantic Adventures’ sex expert Tami Rose, is seeing a spike in sales at her popular adult boutique, which isn’t unusual for Valentine’s Day. What is unusual? A large number of the toys, lingerie and accessories she’s selling are for long-distance video chat!

“Sex is absolutely going virtual like everything else in our lives; I personally feel like my life gets more digital every day,” said Tami Rose of the COVID-guided lockdown trend. “Our phones have become the essential tool for modern life, and they are at their core a communication device, so it is natural that communication with our lovers would be an essential part of that.” said Rose.

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Rose continued…”With isolation being an issue when it comes to long-term home confinement.” said Rose of people who may want to embrace this sexy trend in 2021. “If a picture is worth a thousand words, an emoji might be worth 10,000, because there is an agreed-upon understanding of it that actually connects with the collective unconscious and reaffirms a tribal sense of belonging.” said Rose.

Tami Rose notes that her clientele’s current long-distance favorites on her shopromanticadventures website include bondage kits to kick up the kink a notch and buzzy Bluetooth-enabled devices to get the flow going in a playful way.

“Sexting and teasing is a great way to create tension throughout the day that can slowly build up to a scene between you and your partner at a later time,” added Rose. “In our very fragmented and isolated lives right now, it can be a special way to reach out and get on the same page with someone. There are many things to worry about and get done, but a text in the midst of an unrelated task can get you dreaming about the pleasure that is promised by it. Which adds a bit of spice to an otherwise stressful day.” said Rose.

For more information visit the official Romantic Adventures adult boutique website. You can also follow them on Twitter @R_Adventures_.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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