LOS ANGELES — (01-24-21) — Latinboyz is coming for 18-25 genre fans with the unveiling of 19 year-old monster cock newcomer Dimitrios.  The gorgeous monster cock Latin twink newcomer will have a huge following in no time and quickly become one of the Latinboyz talent favorites.

After kicking off 2021 with Latinboyz Newcomers Osito (2021), Monster Package Boxer Mario (2021) and Latin Kickboxer Castro (2021), they break out with 19 year-old monster cock Colombian pretty boy Dimitrios in stunning fashion.

Latinboyz unveil Monster Packing Newcomer Dimitrios-Latin-twink-solo-jrl-charts-0060

Latinboyz unveil Monster Packing Newcomer Dimitrios-Latin-twink-solo-jrl-charts-0055

“If you have been searching for ‘Latin twink huge dick’ today is your lucky day”, said VeoVerga. Our newest discovery is a 19 year old Dimitrios and he is blessed with a beautiful curved Latino monster cock. In fact it’s so big and curved that a lot of guys have a problem taking it. But of course that is not a problem because he is very versatile.” said VeoVerga.

Latinboyz unveil Monster Packing Newcomer Dimitrios-Latin-twink-solo-jrl-charts-0056

According to VeoVerga, Latinboyz monster cock Dimitrios loves getting rimmed and has even busted a nut from it. “Rimming is a requirement if someone wants to fuck him, though!” said VeoVerga.

VeoVerga added that “after a good rimming he loves to get fucked by someone with a huge dick like his own but that is a rare find. So, they must at least know how to fuck good whether they are big or small. Same thing goes for the guys he fucks. They have to know how to take a big cock which is also a a rare find.” said VeoVerga.

We are sure to see VeoVerga and Latinboyz team monster cock twink Dimitrios in hardcore action in no time!

Review Latin Twink Huge Dick DIMITRIOS (NSFW)

LatinBoyz Model DIMITRIOS-gay-porn-latino-twinks-2021-01-24-jrl-charts

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