WEST HOLLYWOOD — (01-20-21) — Perfect Fit Brand’ record breaking ‘Fat Boy Thin Sheath’ seller is a ‘Must Stock’ for Valentine’s Day Season retailers! As all couples of all genres are eager to see what retailers will have on hand to further enhance romantic couple romantic holiday, Perfect Fit Brand’s ‘Fat oy Thin Sheath’ is just what the Love Doctor Ordered!

“We are thrilled to re-introduce the new Fat Boy™ Thin Sheath now in sharp all new vertical storage packaging.” said Steve Callow, founder and president of Perfect Fit Brand.

Made of super soft and stretchy SilaSkin™, the ‘Fat Boy Thin Sheath is designed and proven to give both partners intense, eye-rolling pleasure.

The Fat Boy™ is extremely comfortable, surprisingly easy to get on and off and stays in place thanks to its closed tip and a thick loop that wraps around the base of the scrotum, which gives a pleasurable tug to a man’s balls during penetration or stroking.

Available in 5.5″ and 6.5″ length sizes. Adds 0.5″ girth.

Clean With Ease: Wash thoroughly with mild soap and water.

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Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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