BUDAPEST, HU — (01-19-21) — Prime minister Viktor Orban and his anti-LGBTQ Hungarian government continues their right-wing agenda assault by ordering a publisher on Tuesday, to print disclaimers identifying books containing “behavior inconsistent with traditional gender roles”, noted the order.

The right-wing anti-LGBTQ government said their reasoning for this action was needed to protect consumers from being misled, after Labrisz Lesbian Association (Labrisz), published a popular fairytale anthology entitled “Wonderland Is For Everyone”. The right wingers got up in arms over the anthology because it included several stories with gay themes.

Labrisz has been involved running LGBT education programs for high schools over the past two decades, but has always faced hostility from right-wing groups in recent years.

The book, whose authors said that the “Wonderland Is For Everyone” anthology was intended to teach children to be respectful of people of all backgrounds.

Two stories caught the attention of the insecure right-wingers; One is about a doe who is granted a wish to become a buck, and a poem about a prince who marries another prince.

Other stories depict minorities in a positive light, including Roma and disabled people. The character Snow White, renamed Leaf Brown, has dark skin in their tale.

“The book is sold as a fairytale, called so on its cover and designed accordingly, but it hides the fact that it depicts behavior inconsistent with traditional gender roles,” the Government Office in Budapest said in a statement.

The order requires Labrisz to put disclaimers on all its books that contain Gay content, including “Wonderland Is For Everyone”.

Labrisz and allied gay rights group were outraged and said they would file a lawsuit against the Hungary government over the disclaimer requirement, which they called discriminatory and unconstitutional.

This is no surprise as you will remember last year Hungary banned recognising transgender identities in official documents and amended the constitution to declare that in a family “the father is a man and the mother is a woman”.

The homophobic politics of prime minister Viktor Orban suffered a setback in December when a senior European Parliament lawmaker from his Fidesz party was caught with drugs in his possession fleeing a gay orgy in Brussels. The drugs were one thing but the violation of pandemic restrictions by hanging out at a gay orgy party is another!

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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