NEW YORK, NY — (01-17-21) —Multi award-winning director Jake Jaxon and RJ Sebastian strike gold for the Cockyboys label with the release of ‘Zach Astor and Tannor Reed’ (2021). 18-25 genre fans are in for a delicious treat with monster cock blonde twink Zach Astor pounding sexy power bottom Tannor Reed exclusively on the CockyBoys Network.

CockyBoys-Zach Astor-and-Tannor Reed-raw-twink-2021-01-17-JRL-CHARTS-005

CockyBoys-Zach Astor-and-Tannor Reed-raw-twink-2021-01-17-JRL-CHARTS-002

Jake Jaxon describes his latest masterpiece:

“Tannor Reed is excited and nervous because this is the day he takes a big bite of the apple: Zach Astor and his ginormous cock! Fortunately, Zach knows just how to treat a first-timer. At first, he gives Tannor just enough control & some affectionate sex talk as Tannor goes down Zach and gulps down his thick monster.

Tannor sucks Zach deep and several times takes his fat dick into his throat and as he goes on, Zach gets a little more dominant. Eagerly submissive, Tannor follows Zach’s murmured commands and licks his big balls. When ordered, Tannor stands up so Zach can suck him, and he gets into a near upside-down position when Zach wants to eat his ass. Tannor relishes it all from Zach’s tongue fucking & finger probes to his cock-teasing.

CockyBoys-Zach Astor-and-Tannor Reed-raw-twink-2021-01-17-JRL-CHARTS-004

Before giving him his cock, Zach gets Tannor to bend over and play with his own hole. And when it’s sufficiently primed, Zach stuffs his cock in Tannor’s hole, fucking him with the full length of his shaft. Still in change he soon Zach gets Tannor to ride his dick even deeper. But before finishing him off, Zach really eats out his hole.”

That was just a taste of what Zach Astor and Tannor Reed are delivering on the Cockyboys Gay Porn Network.

Watch Zach Astor and Tannor Reed (NSFW) (2021)

CockyBoys-Zach Astor-and-Tannor Reed-official-trailer

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Directed by:
Jake Jaxson

Produced by:
Jake Jaxson
RJ Sebastian

Production Companies:

Distributed by:
Media Partners (DVD) (USA)
Pulse Distribution (DVD) (USA)



Run time:
27 Minutes

Digital Release Date:
January 14, 2021

Retailers can get ordering information on the CockyBoys DVD  gay porn label by contacting Vice President of Sales Andrew Quaintance at Pulse Distribution – 1+818-435-1604 | Facsimile 1+818-435-1602 |  EMAIL  | Skype: Andrew_Pulse.

Article by: Keith Witcha, Staff Writer

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