BURBANK, CA — (12-22-20) — Multi award-winning MEN Entertainment unleash in time for Christmas, “Breeding The Elf’ (2020), starring gay porn superstars Tannor Reed and Chris Damned on digital. You are going to fall in love with the bareback production of ‘Breeding The Elf’ as Tannor Reed and Chris Damned deliver an award-winning performance for Santa Claus on the Mind Geek’s Men.com Network.

‘Breeding The Elf’ (2020) Is a Masterpiece from Men.com

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Breeding The Elf-gay-porn-Tannor Reed-Chris Damned-2020-12-22-JRL-CHARTS-04

“Bored elf Elf (Tannor Reed) is listening to Santa check his list yet again when delivery guy Chris Damned arrives with a package just for him! As Elf accepts the special delivery, the box comes open and all the dildos he ordered spill to the floor! Elf bends over to sign for the parcel, and Chris admires his red-clad, elfin ass. The horny top starts to get hard, and Elf hurries to suck his big cock. Chris tears open the bottom’s overalls, spitting on his hole, then sliding a finger inside before stretching him with one of his new dildos. The top fucks the horny elf doggystyle and missionary on the desk till Santa catches them – but he just encourages Chris to fuck his elf even harder! Elf rides Chris’s cock on the desk till the top pulls out and cums. Chris Damned is definitely on the naughty list for good!”

Men Entertainment’ ‘Breeding The Elf’ starring Tannor Reed and Chris Damned premiered on the Men.com Network on December 21, 2020.

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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