WASHINGTON, D.C. — (12-10-20) — Just when you thought the Republican party could not sink any lower, more than 100 GOP members of Congress have signed an amicus brief supporting the efforts in Texas to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory in the Supreme Court.

The Texas suit which is the latest in a string of “crack pipe” legal arguments, claims that Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin all illegally changed election guidelines which in turn lead to unsubstantiated accusations of widespread voter fraud.

Supreme Court and Legal Affairs reporter John Kruzel of The Hill, shared the entire list of 106 Republican House Members who signed the Amicus Brief on Twitter:

“As members of the federal legislature, Amici seek to protect the constitutional role of state legislatures in establishing the manner by which Presidential Electors are appointed to ensure the Electoral College selects the candidate for President of the United States that was chosen by counting only lawful votes,” the brief states, adding, “This brief presents [our] concern as Members of Congress, shared by untold millions of their constituents, that the unconstitutional irregularities involved in the 2020 presidential election cast doubt upon its outcome and the integrity of the American system of elections.”

Over 106 GOP members of Congress are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to throw out millions of votes in those states and declare Donald Trump the winner.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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