LAS VEGAS — (11-19-20) — 101 Films and Ton of Hats release Michael Jai’ Take Back (2020) action movie trailer and, announce its official release date. The action movie was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic but now 101 Films has confirmed to JRL CHARTS that Take Back (2021) starring Michael Jai, Mickey Rourke and Gillian White.

Loaded full of suspense, explosions and hand to hand combat, Take Back is directed by Christian Sesma with a script written by Zach Zerries.

“Zara Taylor is a pillar of the community, along with her loving husband, Brian, and teenage step-daughter, Audrey. One night she stops to pick up groceries and walks into a two-man robbery with a kid held at knifepoint. Using her martial arts skills, she thwarts both perps. Nationwide news coverage of Zara’s heroics follows. A week later, a nervous-looking woman, Nancy, shows up at Zara’s office. After seeing the news, she wants to confirm Zara’s identity—she calls her “Kate”—citing their shared past. Zara denies ever knowing Nancy and asks her to leave.”

101 Films will release ‘Take Back’ (2021) in theaters and On Demand February 26, 2021.

Watch Take Back (2021) Official Movie Trailer

Directed by:
Christian Sesma

Screenplay by:
Zach Zerries

Film Editor:
Eric Potter

Mike Hatton
Christian Sesma
Michael Walker

Executive Producers:
Stefan Colson
Tom Conigliaro
Kimberly Hines
Martin Andrew Lyon
Rick Morse
Mickey Rourke
James Russo
Gillian White

Production companies:
Ton of Hats

Distributed by:
101 Films  (all media) (theatrical)



Release date:
February 26, 2021

Copyright © 2020 101 Films International

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

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