LAS VEGAS — (11-16-20) —  Election 2020 is one for the record books but now JRL CHARTS is pleased to bring ‘2020 Election Portrayed by Star Wars Parody’ (2020), the hilarious parody of election 2020 between president Donald Trump and president-elect Joe Biden.

Supercuts Delight, who produced ‘2020 Portrayed by Star Wars Parody’, posted the following on their hilarious political comedy parody that is a ‘MUST WATCH’:

“A Parody of Star Wars in which I relate events that have happened in 2020 to scenes and clips from Star Wars. Basically a recap of 2020 so far by using Star Wars and the Jedi as a news outlet lol.

Thank you to my Patrons: Brett Karlin, Jake Hall, Wes Makowski, k4nd17r33, Debbs, Matyáš Přenosil, Lauvelga, The_Henne, and Subliminal Transformation.

Watch 2020 Election Portrayed by Star Wars Parody

The hilarious parody has been viewed over 2,131,600 times over the past 7 weeks.

Produced by:
Sunny Delight

Brett Karlin
Jake Hall
Wes Makowski
Matyáš Přenosil
Subliminal Transformation

Run time:
7 Minutes 8 Seconds

Release date:
September 28, 2020

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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