LAS VEGAS — (11-15-20) — Ip Man: Kung Fu Master official action movie trailer drops from Magnet Releasing. The Kung Fu action packed movie directed by Li Liming and Sun Fei, takes you back to Ip’s early days prior to the Communist Revolution of 1949. ‘Dennis To’ portrays IP for the third time as the martial artist who famously tutored Bruce Lee.

Now to be clear; This film is not part of the Ip Man movie franchise with Donnie Yen, but it’s from a different Yip Man movie series, and produced by a different studio.

The action Kung Fu movie is directed by Liming Li who also co-wrote the screenplay with Shi Qingshui. Ip Man: Kung Fu Master (2020) stars Dennis To, Yuan Li Ruoxin, Tong Xiaohu, Yue Dongfeng, Chang Qinyuan, Zhao Xioguang, Ren Yu, and Michael Wong.

“During his time as a police captain in Foshan, Ip Man is targeted by a vengeful gangster just as the Japanese army invades the region.”

Magnet Releasing is set to release its Ip Man: Kung Fu Master action movie in cinemas and On Demand December 11, 2020. In addition to the trailer above you can check out a poster below.

Watch Ip Man: Kung Fu Master Trailer

Official Website

Directed by:
Li Liming

Action Director:
Sun Fei

Screenplay by:
Li Liming
Shi Chingshui

Director of Photography:
Guo Lei

Film Editing by:
Huang Rongjun

Produced by:
XU Huidan
Sui Xiaonan
Wang Nan
Zhou Lili

Production Companies:
Baile Media

Distributed by:
Magnolia Pictures
Magnet Releasing


Mandarin (English Subtitles)

Release date:
December 11, 2020 (USA)

Copyright © 2020 – Beijing Kai Pictures Co. Ltd, Beijing Palm Entertainment Co. Ltd

Article by: Michael The Sizzler, Staff Writer

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