LAS VEGAS — (11-05-20) — Jake Jacob makes an impressive debut with his ‘Power Bottom’ – Lady Gaga/BLACKPINK Music Video that will have you bumping to the beat within its first 20 seconds!

What makes Jake Jacob’s ‘Power Bottom’ Music Video so special is that it features some of today’s hottest gay adult film stars including; Beaux Banks, Brandy X, Adrian Hart and the one and only Dakota Payne.

Jake Jacob-Lady Gaga-Blackpink-parody-music-video-2020-11-05-jrl-charts

Jake Jacob-Lady Gaga-Blackpink-parody-video-2020-11-05-jrl-charts.-02

Jake Jacob-Lady Gaga-Blackpink-parody-video-2020-11-05-jrl-charts.-20

The visual was directed by Brad Hammer and stars Jake Jacob, Love Connie and Meatball!

Jacob released the ‘Power Bottom’ Music Video on November 1st and already is catching the eyes of LGBTQ music charts worldwide. I personally can’t wait to see where it debuts on the LGBTQ Music Chart UK.

Watch Jake Jacob – Power Bottom M/V

Dance | Pop Music

Bottom Behavior
Jon Silva
Devn Walker

Directed by:
Brad Hammer

Director of Photography:
Brad Hammer

Director of Cinematography:
Julian Alec Roca-Chow

Production Manager:
Nick Monaco

KiKi Xtravaganza

Executive Producer:
Jake Jacob

Release date:
November 1, 2020

Copyright © 2020 – Jake Jacob Music

Article by: Michael The Sizzler, Staff Writer

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