MIAMI, FL — (10-21-20) — NüSensuelle brings retailers and women worldwide the ultimate gift for the holiday season with the ‘Trinitii’, available in in Electric Blue and Ultra Violet.

Everyone knows clitoral stimulation is the key to climax for women. So finding a toy that works for you can be challenging. That’s why NüSensuelle created the Trinitii.

According to NüSensuelle’ marketing division, the Trinitii lives up to its name. Trinitii combines three separate sensations to deliver incredibly unique and powerful clitoral stimulation.

One look at Trinitii lets you know it’s not your typical toy. Start by placing Trinitti’s soft, open tip over the clitoris to experience gentle suction. This indirect stimulation is perfect for those who don’t always want direct contact.

Next up is Trinitii’s flickering tongue that mimics the sensation of oral sex. And last, but not least, Trinittii also vibrates to add one final thrill you’ll feel wherever it touches your skin.

Nü Sensuelle Trinitii-Packaging 2020

Nü Sensuelle Trinitii-Packaging 2020

The result is layered stimulation like you’ve never experienced. And, of course, you can control all three forms of stimulation independently. Trinitii offers:

* 15 vibration patterns
* 7 suction intensities
* 4 speeds of flickering tongue movement – Allowing you to customize your pleasure every time!

Adult consumers can review more on the Trinittii by Clicking Here

Retailers can get more information by contacting Barry at NüSensuelle at (561) 750-0741 or via EMAIL.

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Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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