LAS VEGAS — (10-17-20) — Gravitas Ventures bring you first look at ‘The Last Three Days’ action movie trailer starring Robert Palmer Watkins, Thomas Wilson Brown and Deborah Lee Smith.

Written and directed by Brian Ulrich, ‘Last Three Days’ is a suspenseful action crime mystery thriller that will keep you guessing!

Robert Palmer Watkins in Last Three Days (2020) Gravitas Ventures

Roy Huang in Last Three Days (2020) Gravitas Ventures

Thomas Wilson Brown, Robert Palmer Watkins, and Octavio Rodriguez in Last Three Days

“Jack is a police officer with a marriage on the rocks working undercover to take down a Japanese crime syndicate. One night things go south and he wakes up to discover he’s missing his partner, his wife, and the last three days of his life.”

Gravitas Ventures has set November 13th, 2020 as its cinema release date.

Watch – Three Last Days – Official Trailer

Action | Crime | Mystery | Thriller

Directed by:
Brian Ulrich

Cinematography by:
Chris Haggerty

Film Editing by:
Natalie Grace Comstock
Blake Kliewer
Brian Ulrich

Music by:
Hannah Parrott

Brian Ulrich
Julianna Ulrich

Executive Producers:
Etola Crowe
Fred Green
Nancy Green
Mark Joseph
Scott Martin
Brian Miller
Nicole Miller
Paul Schultheis
Jack Sheehan

Production Companies:
Brotherhood Studios
Slater Brothers Entertainment

Gravitas Ventures (2020) (USA) (Cinemas)



Release date:
November 13, 2020

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Article by: Michael The Sizzler, Staff Writer

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