LANGENHAGEN, DK — (10-12-20) — German based Organotoy Products have unveiled its latest sex toy creation, ‘The Donald’.

According to the marketing and publicity division of Organotoy…”The Donald believes he is the hottest stallion in the stable. Oh what am I saying, in the whole world! I have beautiful full hair, a healthy orange skin color and believe that climate change is just weather and that he has done more for PoC or the LGBTQI+ community then any other President.”

However Organotoy states that…”In reality, he acts like a racist and misogynistic asshole who thinks with his balls instead of his brain.”

“The Donald comes complete with genital warts, which represent his thousands of lies,” the company explains, “while the lesions stand for his many disgusting actions like his mask spurning, caging immigrant kids, his actions against the LGBTQI+ community and the handling of the Covid 19 crisis in general.”

Currently, ‘The Donald’ dildo set is limited to 40 pieces and the earnings will be donated to charity.

The Donald is sold under German laws. Its total height is 7.48 in., usable circumference 16 cm (6.3 in.) and the usable length is approx. 15 cm (5.9 in.).

Organotoy, which was founded in 2011 by Oliver Ring, has created unique pieces for individuals, performers and international porn productions.

Continuing to expand its reach, Oliver Ring’s Organotoy has started to broaden its range to fantasy toys.

Teaming up with adult industry veterans and up and coming designers, Organotoy will launch a variety of new designs over the next few months. The fantasy sex toys like all Organotoy products, will be ISO 10993-10 compliant.

Consumers can keep up with Organotoy on Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter.

Retailers and distributors can get more information by contacting Julika via EMAIL.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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