NEW YORK, NY — (10-11-20) — A bombshell has once again hit president Donald Trump as his Sealed Video Deposition in the Trump University Fraud Case has been revealed. The deposition has over 1.6 million since its release.

The Trump hidden video deposition was sealed during the 2016 campaign though Americans knew that he was being sued for fraud over the Trump University.

In fact during the 2016 presidential election, then private citizen Donald Trump was in the middle of federal lawsuits that accused him and his Trump University of defrauding students who had paid thousands of dollars to learn the supposed secrets of Trump’s financial success.

As part of the lawsuit, Donald Trump participated in a contentious six-hour deposition that took place in Trump Tower on December 10, 2015.

Trump managed to get the court to seal the video recording of the session during the 2016 presidential election.

Mother Jones obtained the full video of Trump’s deposition. The written transcript of the session was released in June 2016, but the video version includes several exchanges that likely would have not played well for Trump if they had become public when he was chasing votes. Had the video deposition been released during the campaign, it probably would have yielded ammo for anti-Trump ads.

The video shows Trump parrying with the lawyer for the plaintiffs, Jason Forge, over various issues, including false statements made by Trump University employees and Trump’s own memory. Trump at one point griped, “It’s the most ridiculous lawsuit I’ve ever seen.” He claimed not to remember having boasted that he possessed one of the best memories in the world and repeatedly said he could not recall matters related to the fraud case. He downplayed false and misleading statements presented by Trump University instructors as merely “hyperbole,” refusing to label them “false.” He even disavowed a passage from one of his own books in which he had assailed educational institutions for committing “fraud.”

Watch Donald Trump’s Hidden Video Deposition

After realizing that the Deposition was going down hill, Trump was then caught on hot mic with outrageous comments that he didn’t know were being recorded!


Mother Jones was provided the video by a source who asked not to be identified. Art Cohen, who was a lead plaintiff in one of the lawsuits against Trump University and Trump, confirmed that this was the actual video of the deposition.

Trump University was shut down in 2010, though Trump vowed during the 2016 presidential campaign that he would never settle the Trump U lawsuits. However days after the 2016 election, he settled the case and paid the students $25 million, without acknowledging any wrongdoing.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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