BRANDON, FL — (10-03-20)  —  Corbin Fisher returns to make Gay men’s jaws drop with the unveiling of ‘Milking Chad” (2020), starring Chad and Malec. This is the first release by Corbin Fisher since he dropped his scorching bareback production of  ‘JARED’S RUB & TUG’ (2020), starring Corbin Fisher exclusives Barron and Jared.

Corbin Fisher debuts Milking Chad (2020) Chad and Malec-2020-10-03-jrl-charts-03

“After his first experience bottoming for us, it was clear Chad had discovered… well… what very well may be his new favorite thing! He took to it eagerly and enthusiastically, clearly loved how it felt, and I’m sure it tripped some switches in his mind, as well.

Corbin Fisher debuts Milking Chad (2020) Chad and Malec-2020-10-03-jrl-charts-02

Corbin Fisher debuts Milking Chad (2020) Chad and Malec-2020-10-03-jrl-charts-04


Our first look at Chad getting fucked involved seeing and hearing a guy that was enjoying every second of it, and couldn’t wait for more. So, naturally, we had to get him paired up with one of our resident top studs – Malec! We know Malec can fuck, and we know Chad loves to get fucked.

We know this pairing had some real potential and I can tell you right now you will not be disappointed with how things played out! Chad enjoyed it so much, in fact, he blows his first load while not even touching his dick, Malec’s cock pistoning in and out of his ass being what puts him over the edge – and that’s with plenty more fucking, more Chad begging Malec to fuck him harder, and more loads to go!”

Corbin Fisher released ‘Milking Chad’ (2020) starring Chad and Malec on October 2nd, 2020.

Watch Milking Chad (2020) NSFW Trailer

Corbin Fisher debuts Milking Chad -gay-porn-trailer

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Directed by:
Corbin Fisher

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Production Companies:
Corbin Fisher Entertainment

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United States


Run Time:
21 Minutes 56 Seconds

Digital Release date:
October 2, 2020

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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