WASHINGTON D.C. — (10-01-20) — A firestorm has been created following Republican Super Pac’ homophobic ad entitled ‘Jon Hoadley, Creepy’. Within minutes of the ad going public the LGBTQ Victory Fund and LGBTQ activists have come out to strongly condemn the new homophobic ad being run against Michigan democratic congressional candidate Jon Hoadley.

The ad from the Republican Congressional Leadership Fund, uses out-of-context quotes from a blog Jon Hoadley maintained while in college back in 2004 and 2005, to portray the young candidate as a misogynist, pedophile, and sexual predator.

Jon Hoadley is challenging incumbent Republican Fred Upton in Michigan’s Sixth Congressional District.

Watch the Disgusting Ad – John Hoadley Creepy

“Fred Upton is running the most homophobic campaign in America and his refusal to denounce these Trumpian tactics makes his self-righteous calls for ‘civility’ look absurd,” said Victory Fund President and CEO Annise Parker in a press release issued today. “His silence cued supporters to invest more than $500,000 in misleading attack ads that purposely perpetuate the ugliest of anti-gay stereotypes. Fred is so embedded in Trump-land that he can no longer differentiate between the typical rough and tumble of campaigning and the politics of hate he claims to deplore.

“Allies to LGBTQ people must speak out and condemn these attacks because Fred won’t stop until that happens. The LGBTQ community must invest in Jon’s race financially so we can show bigoted politicians that anti-gay attacks will backfire and fail. At a time when our politics is so vicious it becomes easy to tune out another television campaign ad. But it is essential for all marginalized communities and American democracy that we never allow attacks based on bigotry to be overlooked or normalized.”

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Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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