BURBANK, CA — (09-22-20) — GAYVN Award-Winning superstar Nic Sahara and Grabby Award-Winning superstar Dante Colle star in “Thirst Impression” (2020) on digital download from Men Entertainment‘.

While Men.com and Pulse prepare to begin shipping their ‘Private Dancer’ DVD, Men.com members are treated with a huge ‘MUST WATCH’ in ‘Thirst Impression’ starring Nic Sahara and Dante Colle.

Dante Colle and Nic Sahara star in Thirst-Impression-mendotcom-2020-09-22-jrl-charts-02

Dante Colle and Nic Sahara star in Third Impression-mendotcom-2020-09-22-jrl-charts-07

Dante Colle and Nic Sahara star in Thirst-Impression-mendotcom-2020-09-22-jrl-charts-03

Dante Colle and Nic Sahara star in Third Impression-mendotcom-2020-09-22-jrl-charts-08

“Nic Sahara wants to make a good first impression for his job interview, so he puts on his best button-down shirt and jacket… but he decides not to bother with pants, leaving his mischievous boyfriend Dante Colle horny and scheming. Dante stands just out of view of the camera and slaps his hard cock down on the desk where Nic’s hand is sure to find it, then climbs under the desk to suck his man’s cock. Nic somehow manages to keep a straight face while getting his dick sucked, and he even answers questions while riding Dante’s cock! Once the call is over, Nic bends over the desk to take it doggystyle, and jacks off till he cums as he swallows Dante’s pole. Nic needs to take one more call from the interviewer, but first he’s gotta’ take a big facial!”

The explosive bareback gay porn scene premiered on the Men.com network on September 21, 2020.

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