BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — (09-09-20) — Tim Krueger‘s  Tim Tales brings a scorching new bareback gay porn scene production with the release of ‘Maksim Orlov Pounds Yago Bareback’ on digital download.

The scene follows the Interracial Tim Tales Bareback gay porn scene hit of ‘Maksim Orlov and Bishop Black in ‘A Love Affair‘ (2020) and ‘Maksim Orlov Slams Jonas’ (2020).

Tim Tales --'Maksim Orlov-and-Yago-gay-porn-scene-jrl-charts-02

Tim Tales --'Maksim Orlov-and-Yago-gay-porn-scene-jrl-charts-03

Tim Tales --'Maksim Orlov-and-Yago-gay-porn-scene-jrl-charts-07

“Working at Timtales, a bottom’s dream come true. Just ask young Brazilian cutie Yago what he thinks. Today, he’s taking a huge slavic cock. Long and beautiful, that cock is indeed a dream come true for any good cum boy. Maksim Orlov is particularly rough with that raw hole. Yago entered our studio with a bubble butt very tight. Long story short, he leaves with a gaping hole full of cum. Best job evar.”

The Tim Tales Gay Porn Network premiered ‘Maksim Orlov Pounds Yago Bareback’ on September 4, 2020.

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Digital Release date:
September 4, 2020

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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