POMPANO BEACH, FL — (08-22-20) — Raunchy Bastards captures the attention of JRL CHARTS with its new Daddy Cam release ‘Hot Ass Teen Bred Good’ starring 19 year-old Clay and Daddy Hugh Depp on digital download.

Known for delivering str8 boys who are curious and eager for a daddy to experiment with, the Raunchy Bastards gay porn network brings daddy/twink lovers a true lip licking treat in this bareback gay porn release.

19-year-old Clay-gets-seduced-by Hugh Depp

19-year-old Clay-gets-seduced-by Hugh Depp

Raunchy-Bastards-Clay and Hugh Depp-bareback-gay-porn

Raunchy-Bastards-Clay and Hugh Depp-bareback-gay-porn

Clay and Hugh Depp-gay-porn-Raunchy-Bastards

Clay and Hugh Depp-gay-porn-Raunchy-Bastards

“Hugh Depp has come a long way when it comes to taking dick. When I popped his virgin hole, he was squealing like a pig, and for several times after that, his 19 year old hole just couldn’t seem to take a cock fast and deep enough to get bred properly. Well, thankfully all of that has changed. Now, when I fuck Hugh he can take my cock, and take my load. Trust me, I am so happy that he is becoming a good little boy whore, too. One of my favorite things about him is his ass. It is so perky. And his hole is smooth and fresh.

It’s an ass I love to eat out, and I don’t think I’d ever get tired of it. The other thing I like about Hugh is that he is extremely passionate when we are going at it. That’s fairly rare with these gay4pay types. All of the above said, cumming deep inside him is definitely my biggest thrill. I suppose it’s because it took so many months to get that ass of his loosened up enough.

He’s a tough cookie. As a matter of fact, I have a feeling that he can’t go a few weeks without some Daddy dick or he might just clamp back up again. But this time when I was fucking him, it felt great, and I came buckets. Huge spurts of joy juice were still streaming from my cock as I pulled out of freshly wrecked teen hole. Now, that’s what I call a good breeding!”

Watch ‘Hot Ass Teen Bred Good’ – Raunchy Bastards

Hot Ass Teen Bred Good-gay-porn-movie-trailer-raunchy-bastards

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August 21, 2020

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Article by: Keith Witcha, Staff Writer

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