WARSAW, POLAND — (08-17-20) — Gay rights activists say that they are witnessing an increasing threat in Poland endorsed by the government.  Far-right nationalists have continued their organized “stop aggression by LGBT” campaign with a rally held in Warsaw, prompting LGBT+ community activists to come out in big numbers to confront them.

Polish LGBT+ group Campaign Against Homophobia tweeted on Sunday an image of the far-right nationalists planned demonstration as well as an image of the rainbow flag painted by LGBT+ activists.

“Where they plan to shout slogans of hate, a symbol of the fight for freedom, equality, love and democracy is waiting!”

Hundreds of Polish LGBT+ activists and and defenders faced off in central Warsaw on Sunday. Both groups shouted at each other while a police line kept both groups a part.

The Far-right nationalists burned a rainbow flag for the cameras, knowing that the Rainbow Flag.

While right wing nationalists were burning flags and lobbying politicians to vote against LGBT+ rights, authorities arrested 48 gay-rights activists and supporters on Sunday for simply protesting.

Gay rights was a divisive issue in the recent presidential election campaign. Incumbent president Andrzej Duda used Gay Rights to divide his country.

Shortly after winning his election, the ruling far-right party, Law and Justice Party (PiS), publicly compared Poland’s LGBT+ population as “Destructive” to communist doctrine.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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