NEW YORK, NY — (08-15-20) — Dawgpound USA in association with Papithugz, has a collector’s item that is a must have with the big budget gay porn production of ‘Island Heat’ DVD, digital download and VOD.

The explosive gay porn production of ‘Island Heat’ that just landed on the VOD circuit, stars Max Konnor, Kyd Leo-Sevyn, Eddie Diaz, Miller Axton, Leo Donato, Jacen Zhu, Sevyn Fernando, and more.



Island-Heat-Max Konnor-Kyd Leo-Sevyn-DawgpoundUSA-PapiThugz-Thugmart-032

Island-Heat-Max Konnor-Kyd Leo-Sevyn-DawgpoundUSA-PapiThugz-Thugmart

Dawgpound USA & PapiThugz-gay-porn-new-release-Island Heat-max-konnor

Dawgpound USA & PapiThugz-gay-porn-new-release-Island Heat-max-konnor

The Dawgpound USA and PapiThugz ‘Island Heat’ DVD is now available on the ThugMart Black & Latin Adult Superstore.

“Dawgpound is set loose in the Islands and nasty ass big dick fuck’n ensues. With dick slingers like Max Konnor, Ush, & Eddie Diaz there just ain’t no mercy for the booty-hole. Hey, with all that phat, glorious fuckable bubble-ass gettin’ served up by the likes of Jacen Zhu, Sevyn, Vice, and Miller Axton what the fuck would you expect? You know Ush’s dick is damn good when Dayon gets in that deep-dick zone, takin’ that poundin’ good till we’re all ready to pop!”

Watch “ISLAND HEAT” Hardcore XXX Trailer

Island Heat-gay-porn-movie-trailer-DawgpoundUSA-PapiThugz

18-25 | Bareback | Big Dicks | Blowjobs
Ebony | Interracial | Muscles | Power Bottoms

Directed by:
Max Konnor

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Production companies:
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Run time:
153 Minutes

Copyright © 2020 Dawgpound USA – Pitbull Productions

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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