LOS ANGELES — (08-11-20) — Get ready as the GrowlBoys network unleash “THE KID SC05: The Fauntlet”,  starring power bottom Austin Young and Muscle Hunk stud Myles Landon.

Produced by Legrand Wolf, the GrowlBoys gay porn network introduces triplets to its furry fantasy site that social media and gay porn fanatics are losing their minds!

THE KID Chapter 5-The-Fauntlet-Austin-Young-GrowlBoys

THE KID Chapter 5-The-Fauntlet-Austin-Young-GrowlBoys

Exclusive gay porn model Austin Young makes his debut appearance on the graphic story-telling award-winning site that imagines half-animal/half-man gods (creatures known as prometheans and thebans), coming to life in videos and erotic illustrations from a variety of illustrators including most recently the world famous artist Joe Phillips.

Austin Young makes his entrance into the mythical world as the faunlet, a character in the ongoing story, “The Kid.” As a human boy, Nathan was ritualistically bred by Thebans and left in a pool of their cum. Chapter 5 of The Kid opens with the newly transformed Nathan waking up in this pool of cum, having transformed into a smaller, hyper sexual half fawn/half boy creature…and there are three of him…triplets. Carnal Media’s talented directors, videographers and editors make the leap from stunning graphic visuals and turn the medium into pure live action adult gay cinematography.

Austin Young-Rock-Hard-Cock-THE KID Chapter 5-The Fauntlet (2020)

Austin Young-Rock-Hard-Cock-THE KID Chapter 5-The Fauntlet (2020)

Myles-Landon-Austin-Young-THE KID Chapter 5-The-Fauntlet (2020)

Myles-Landon-Austin-Young-THE KID Chapter 5-The-Fauntlet (2020)

“I was beyond excited to film for GrowlBoys! It’s been a long time coming and the scene is incredible,” said Austin Young. “Watching myself multiply on screen is trippy. The whole experience from start to finish was incredible and the result is so kinky! Maybe the best porn experience I have ever had!” said Young.

Legrand Wolf, one of Carnal Media’s owners and producers, explains, “This is the genesis story of the gods. Growlboys tells fantastical stories of Thebans (the gods) as they interact with man. This latest update is a big reveal because it’s the creation story. Chapter 5: The Faunlet tells the creation story of the gods.” said Wolf.

THE KID SC05: The Fauntlet premiered on the GrowlBoys network on August 10, 2020.

Watch THE KID Chapter 5: The Faunlet

THE KID Chapter 5-The-Fauntlet-Gay-Porn-Trailer-GrowlBoys

THE KID Chapter 5-The-Fauntlet-Gay-Porn-Trailer-GrowlBoys

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Release date:
August 10, 2020

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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