SANTA CLARITA, CA — (08-10-20) — Multi Award-Winner SHOTS America and SHOTS Europe are once again taking the lead in helping retailers during the COVID-19 pandemic with massive price reductions, expansion of operations to better service retailers and more!

SHOTS America CEO Ruben Deiz sent over the following statement pertaining to their major announcement:


Shots America Price Drop-Official-Poster

“In this turbulent time, when most of the industry is raising prices to offset tariffs, higher labor costs and the effects of Covid19 shutdowns, SHOTS has decided to lower prices on over 600 items from our existing best-selling catalog, almost 30% of our entire product offering.

Why you ask, well most importantly, to show our gratitude and support to our loyal customers who, like most, are struggling in these tough times. I am also a big believer in a contrarian investment strategy, we like to buck the system and do the opposite of what everyone is doing. Originality and creativity are crucial components for SHOTS success and since we are in unprecedented times, we need unprecedented strategies.

Our World-Wide sales have increased over 150% this year, thus allowing us to purchase a larger volume of merchandise (dropping cost per unit) and giving us an opportunity to achieve cost advantages through economies of scale.

But lower prices do not mean we are cutting corners in the quality of our products or the world-class customer service you’ve come to expect from SHOTS. We are determined to offer the market place the best product with the best quality, design, packaging, and above all the best price!

This is not a sale, we have never increased our prices at SHOTS America since opening in July of 2015. If all main factors remain stable, we will continue to keep our market-leading pricing in effect.

We know, our customers are extremely intelligent, sophisticated and will immediately see an opportunity to buy more of our product at considerable savings, thus allowing them to increase their margins, increase their sales volume and grow along with us.

Price decreases are now in effect as of August 1, 2020. Contact your sales rep for a full list today to see all the great products that have been reduced.

shots OUCH Bondage Kits

SHOTS is home to over 2,400 SKUs and over 30 best selling lines including Ouch!, Boom, Chrystalino, Discretion, ElectroShock, Elegance, Feel Good Vibes and Fist It.

Plus GC, Heat, Hiky, Innovation, Irresistible, Jil, LoveLine, Luna, Man Cage, Pharmquest, Plug & Play, Pumped, RealRock, Retro, Rich, S-Line, Sexercise, Shots Toys, Simplicity, SLT, Sono, Shots Steel, Switch and VIVE.



There’s nothing that can hold SHOTS back. We’re ready for the future. SHOTS proudly announces its most extreme expansion of offices and warehouses to date in the Netherlands.

SHOTS will greatly expand its current location in Beneden Leeuwen, the Netherlands, Europe.

Only two years after the construction of the last warehouse building, (which holds a hefty number of 2500 pallets) SHOTS is is already close to reaching its total capacity once again.

Hence SHOTS has decided to secure all the available building lots in the surrounding area. Plans have begun for an expansion of SHOTS Europe facilities with 3 new buildings being planned for 2021.

Two new 5000m2 (50,000 sq. feet) warehouses and 2500m2 (25,000 sq. feet) of new office space. With this purchase, the land, warehouses, showrooms and office space will all be doubled in the near future.

This is the largest investment and expansion in the company’s history.

We thank you for your continued support in choosing SHOTS as your preferred vendor.

We are in this together,

Ruben Deitz
CEO Shots America

Adult retailers and retail chain stores can get more information by contacting one of SHOTS global offices below:

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Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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