BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — (07-30-20) — Tim Krueger‘s  TimTales gay porn network unleash “Sir Peter fucks Vladimir Stark” on digital download.  Starring Sir Peter and Vladimir Stark, the explosive bareback gay porn scene follows the jaw dropping blockbuster gay porn scene digital hit, “Diego Mattos fucks Felix Hain“.

Tim Krueger delivers you another bareback gay porn scene worthy of your membership purchase.  I hope you have your A/C and wet towel standing by for this one!

TimTales-Sir Peter-and-Vladimir Stark-gay-porn-2020-07-30

TimTales-Sir Peter-and-Vladimir Stark-gay-porn-2020-07-30

TimTales-Sir Peter-and-Vladimir Stark-gay-porn-2020-07-30-PR-7


TimTales-Sir Peter-and-Vladimir Stark-gay-porn-2020-07-30-PR-101


“Sir Peter and his fat Portuguese sausage are up for the TimTales treatment. Vladimir Stark couldn’t be happier to finally meet and taste that massive raw cock. It’s his favorite flavor and volume. Thick like a beer bottle and rough like a bull. Sir Peter is well known for his masterful crazy rough fucking. And Vlad is only here to give him that sweet hole he’s been craving. It’s one hell of an aggressive sex session. All the piggy stuff you love.”

Watch Sir Peter fucks Vladimir Stark Exclusively on TimTales

TimTales-Sir Peter-and-Vladimir Stark-gay-porn-trailer

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July 24, 2020

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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