HOLLYWOOD, CA — (07-21-20) — From director of the Silent Hill: Evelation comes action movie star Megan Fox starring in “ROGUE” (2020).

Director M.J. Bassett was tapped to direct actors Megan Fox, Philip Winchester and Calli Taylor in the bloody action movie entitled “ROGUE”, a Mannequin Pictures and Lionsgate release.

Megan Fox - ROGUE (2020) Official Poster

Megan Fox – ROGUE (2020) Official Poster

“Rogue is the story of a small mercenary unit of soldiers who have been engaged by the governor of an African country to rescue his daughter who has been kidnapped by an Al-Shabaab-type organization,” says the film’s director and co-writer M.J. Bassett. “This unit go in, there’s more than one girl so their plan is immediately compromised, and their extraction goes wrong.

So, suddenly they find themselves on the run from the bad guys, looking for refuge in Africa, and come across an abandoned farm, or they think it’s abandoned. While they’re hunkering down they realize that the farm was used as a poachers’ stronghold and a breeding place for lions for the hunting industry and the East Asian medicinal market.

And though the lions seem to have escaped, there’s clearly one still around. So, suddenly they realize they have no ammunition and they are very much the bottom of the food chain, and they have to survive the night before the bad guys arrive, the lion gets them, and the extraction can happen.”

Lionsgate has scheduled Megan Fox in ROGUE on August 28, 2020 in cinemas and VOD.

Watch Megan FOX ‘ROGUE’ Official Trailer (2020)


Directed by:
M.J. Bassett

Written by:
Isabel Bassett
M.J. Bassett

Cinematography by:
Brendan Barnes

Music by:
Jack Halama
Scott Shields

Film Editing by:
Andrew MacRitchie
David Wigram

Casting by:
Bonnie Lee Bouman
Neely Eisenstein

Delon Bakker
Jay Taylor
Kyle Ambrose
M.J. Bassett
Molly Hassell
Paul Hornsby

Production Companies:
Mannequin Pictures
The Electric Shadow Company

Lionsgate (2020) (USA) (all media)
Film & TV House (2020) (Non-US) (all media)
GEM Entertainment (2020) (Non-US) (all media)
Eagle Films (2020) (middle east) (all media)

United Kingdom | South Africa


Release date:
August 28, 2020

Copyright © 2020 – Lionsgate

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

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