SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — (05-26-20) — NU’EST is back with a vengeance with “I’m In Trouble” MV, as it surpasses 17 Million views in only 11 days of release. After Pledis Entertainment brought JR, Aron, Baekho, Minhyun and Ren to reunite NU’EST, we knew that nothing but perfection was coming!

With the heavy promotion over the past several weeks for “I’m In Trouble”, we knew it was going to come out the box with impressive numbers, especially once it was announced that its the first single off of their upcoming 8th mini album entitled [The Nocturne].

NU'EST sick new  I'm In Trouble MV Surpasses 17M Views

NU’EST sick new I’m In Trouble MV Surpasses 17M Views

Pledis Entertainment said…”After whispering sweet love with their previous 7th Mini Album [The Table], released in October of 2019, NU’EST returns in 7 months presenting another form of love with their 8th Mini Album [The Nocturne].

Demonstrating their ability to change without limit, the 8th Mini Album [The Nocturne], once again portrays the group in a new light, offering a new perspective on love.

The album focuses on “nightfall,” a moment that everyone encounters daily, when more honest emotions arise. The album unravels various aspects of the night, by realistically expressing emotions that many can relate to. Instead of portraying “nocturne” through the usual sentimental and gloomy mood, NU’EST uses various colors to express their emotions, illustrating “nocturne” as a song of the night.

The title track, “I’m in Trouble,” depicts the moment one falls in love with another with an intense attraction. NU’EST demonstrates a more upgraded transformation by adding bolder expressions to their sophisticated yet restrained performance style. The lyrics contain sentiments that grow deeper as the night falls, presenting a bolder thrill and fatal charm.

As the story of a deeper and vibrant night unfolds, listeners will be able to encounter captivating tones that awaken the senses, and also a more mature NU’EST that hasn’t been revealed before.”

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