ONTARIO, CANADA — (05-20-20) — The Dirt Between My Fingers LGBT short film by director Joshua Chislett surpasses 100K views in only 5 weeks of release.

Written and directed by young film maker Joshua Chislett and starring Jack Parsons and Shawn Vincent, The Dirt Between My Fingers is an original classic theme of a coming-of-age- tale that takes you back to the Midwest during the 1980s. However still delivers a modern spark that will have you glued to the screen!

The Dirt Between My Fingers - LGBT Short Film -Poster

The Dirt Between My Fingers – LGBT Short Film -Poster

Joshua Chislett Delivers A Superb LGBT Short Film

“This small film was a personal and experimental piece made with practically zero budget and almost no crew over a few days,” said Joshua Chislett. “I wanted to make this feel like watching a fleeting memory from a young gay man’s past as he recalls his first love. My hope was to make a film with almost no dialogue to see if we can share a quiet experience with these two as if we are watching from a distance, observing this small piece of the world they live in.” said Chislett.

“Two young men. An isolated place and the beginning of friendship. Not the story, not the cinematography are the significant in this case but the acting and the feeling to see a watercolor work. A touching film about loneliness and friendship. Seductive for high, refined simplicity and for deep useful message.”

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10 Minutes

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April 10, 2020

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Article by: Michael The Sizzler,  Staff Writer

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