BRASILIA, BRAZIL— (05-02-20) — Once again conservative anti-Gay Brazilian president Jair Bolsonar says the World Health Organization (WHO) is instructing kids to be gay and how to masturbate.

You read that right! The president of Brazil said that the World Health Organization is teaching children to be gay and how to masturbate.

One has to wonder why the Brazilian president is spotlighting the LGBTQ community while attacking the World Health Organization?

“This is the World Health Organization whose advice on coronavirus some people want me to follow,”

Bolsonar in a Wednesday Facebook post that was quickly deleted by his staff.The original post was captured via screenshot and read:

“Should we follow their education policy guidelines, too? For children zero to four years old: satisfaction and pleasure when touching their bodies, masturbation…. For children four to six years old: a positive gender identity… masturbation in early childhood, same-sex relations…. Nine to 12 years old: first sexual experience.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, the post was joined by an adviser of the president Arthur Weintraub, who posted….”The WHO has guidelines recommending children zero to four years old be taught about ‘masturbation,’ ‘pleasure and enjoyment,’ ‘touching one’s body’ and ‘gender ideology.’ Is that right?”

Needless to say it is not true! This is another example of how conservatives with an agenda cherry pick studies to fit their narrative. Their claims stem from a 2010 document that was published by the WHO Regional Office for Europe and Germany’s Federal Centre for Health Education.

They were referencing the study entitled “Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe.”

However the guide does not in any way shape or form encourage children to pursue gay relationships or masturbate. it simply informs adults that it is natural for children to be curious about their sexuality and body changes.

In his reporter’s opinion, I think president Jair Bolsonar should concentrate on the reported 87,364 COVID-19 infections and 6,017 deaths in his country as of Friday May 1, 2020, making it a hot spot in Latin America.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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