MADRID, COMUNIDAD — (04-27-20) — Congratulations are in order for Andreas Kêr as he debuts at #2 with El Error on the LGBTQ Music Chart Week 18, 2020.

After only 4 weeks in release, Andreas Kêr El Error makes an impressive debut on the LGBTQ Music Chart, cementing his position among the major players of the Music Industry.

Andreas Ker - Taboo Album - Poster-JRL-CHARTS

Andreas Ker – Taboo Album – Poster-JRL-CHARTS

The song that serves as a cover letter for his new album, Taboo (2020), and produced and directed by Dr. Sonora, it represents a return to sending a powerful message during this day and age.

Andreas Kêr told Shangay what it means to contract a virus that changes your life forever.

“In these times of coronavirus that we are living, in which COVID-19 is doing so much damage and leaving thousands of infected and deceased, we cannot stop thinking about other viruses such as HIV,” Andreas Kêr told Shangay.

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Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

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