MIAMI, FL — (04-25-20) — Carter Confession is an explosive bareback daddy twink scene worthy of multiple award nominations!  The fresh new gay erotica network from the Say Uncle Line Up delivering impressive content.

Though the Yes Father website went live only a few weeks ago, it’s already generating numbers on Alexa Rankings.



On the Yes Father network viewers will be enticed by the corrupt priests taking advantage of their positions to fuck and suck the students and altar boys at St. Patrick’s Catholic School, the place where Gay Religious Boys are Becoming Men.

One of my personal favorite scenes is the bareback production of Carter Confession, starring Father Oaks and Carter Ford.



“Young Carter is human, and like all humans, he is fallible. That is what they teach at St. Patrick’s Catholic School, and that is what he believes. But even though it’s easy to accept his imperfections in theory, it is harder to live with them in practice.

Over and over again, he has tried to resist the temptation of his own body. He stays up at night, praying that he will be able to keep his hands off his cock. But every night, without fail, his mind drifts to the other boys, the priests, and every other man in his life. Soon, his penis grows stiff, and he can’t control himself.

He reaches down and touches himself until he makes a creamy mess in his bed. He wants to clean his conscience of the act, and the only way he knows how is to reveal his sins in Confession. Perhaps if one of the priests hears the remorse in his voice, he can be absolved of his transgressions genuinely.

He prays that Father Oaks can help him. The man with the silver hair and the wise voice. In his hands, Carter believes there is hope yet. Inside the darkened Confession booth, Carter reveals his truth. Oaks is not surprised. He wants to know whether the boy has ever included anyone else in his masturbation or his fantasies.

Carter tells the man that he hasn’t, creating a solution in Oaks’s head. Perhaps if the boy gives into his temptations with another man once, he will quell the need to masturbate so often. To test his theory, the priest sticks his cock through a slot in the Confession booth.”

When you watch this explosive scene, there will be no doubt in your mind to immediately acquire your membership for the Yes Father network.

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Release date:
April 9, 2020

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