LOS ANGELES — (04-16-20) — Leading director of Latin twink erotica LBZ1 and LatinBoyz, introduce 21 year-old NOEL, starring in “Big Latin Dicks NOEL”.

The iconic Latin twinks gay porn network unveiled their latest addition on Sunday April 12th and within hours, he was going viral on social media platforms across the globe.

LatinBoyz-Big Latin Dicks NOEL

LatinBoyz-Big Latin Dicks NOEL

LBZ1 told JRL CHARTS of his latest discovery…”Our new model Noel is full of surprises. For instance, he is on the DL and likes to dress and act straight,” said LBZ1. “However, in private he readily admits that he likes dick and ass and isn’t really into pussy. As a result he hooks up a lot with other DL guys in his neighborhood that love fucking his smooth hairless ass. Contrary to what people might think, a lot of those DL straight guys like to get fucked themselves sometimes after drinking a couple beers and smoking a fatty and he has one of them big Latin dicks for those occasions. said LBZ1.

Watch Big Latin Dicks NOEL debut on the LatinBoyz Network

Big Latin Dicks NOEL NSFW Trailer - LatinBoyz

18-25 | Bareback | Big Dicks
Bubble Butts | Foreskin |  Latin Twinks

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LatinBoyz Gay Porn Network

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Country: USA

Language: English |  Spanish

Release date: April 12, 2020

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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