WASHINGTON D.C. — (04-14-20) — Convicted RNC insider Roger Stone became unhinged in a deposition he was ordered to do days before he learned of his prison sentence back in February.  The political insider and close friend of president Trump, gave a combative deposition in a separate case involving multiple lawsuits against him.

Roger Stone looked like a man who was under extreme stress and struggling to contain his pent-up angry!

You will see him do the classic reaction of a person who is confronted with his own words that could cost him financial harm, attack the person asking the question!

The deposition took place at a South Florida court reporter’s office in mid-February!

Since losing his fight against charges he lied to investigators about his actions related to Russia’s 2016 election hack, sources allege that he has become more angry, snapping at people at even given moment.

In 5½ hours of video recorded over two days, Roger Stone’s hands shake, he bares his teeth, his lips twitch and he repeatedly loses his temper in the face of goading from conservative lawyer Larry Klayman, who has several libel suits pending against Stone and his associates.

“If you want to keep insulting me, this will be over and you can run back to the judge like a little bitch,” Stone said during one particularly heated exchange.

“Did you just call me a bitch?” Larry Klayman asked.

“You’re acting like one. … You don’t have anything, my friend. You got nothing,” Stone replied, slapping his hand on the table for emphasis.

Watch Roger Stone Deposition (Rage Compilation)

Stone was sentenced to three years in prison in February, in part because of his threatening language.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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