MONTREAL, QC — (03-30-20) — Adult Time Streaming Network will be offering a powerful new drama created and produced by Superstar Sovereign Syre, for its Pure Taboo label: “Transgressions: A Sovereign Syre Story”.

The outstanding cast for this “MUST WATCH” consists of Sovereign Syre, Stirling Cooper and Casey Kisses.

Syre conceived and wrote the disquieting script about an unhappily married woman who bears the emotional weight of a cold, cruel husband (Stirling Cooper), an achingly complicated relationship with her best friend (Casey Kisses) and the destruction of trust beyond redemption.

“I’ve always wanted to write my own porn scene, and Pure Taboo was awesome enough to give me a shot at it,” said Syre. “I wanted to write about a woman struggling to get pregnant who is stuck in an abusive situation, and to normalize being in a relationship with a person that is trans. Casey Kisses is simply my best friend and there’s no reference to her being trans, and I’m so glad that Pure Taboo let me write it that way.” said Syre.

“Gillian (Sovereign Syre) is a miserable housewife looking for something more — both in her personal life and the bedroom. Her husband, David (Stirling Cooper) is as cold and cruel as a guy can be. Although she’s trying to do everything in her power to make him happy, nothing seems to work. It seems like most of the maliciousness from David is geared towards Gillian’s inability to get pregnant, but it goes much deeper than that…

In the middle of yet another fight, David voices his resentment of Gillian’s intimate friendship with Casey (Casey Kisses). However, Gillian is quick to stand up for her friend and as soon as David’s gone, she gives Casey a call. It isn’t long before she’s in Casey’s house, being comforted by her gentle touches.”

Watch Transgressions: A Sovereign Syre Story Trailer

Transgressions- A Sovereign Syre Story-Official Trailer

Sovereign Syre | Stirling Cooper | Casey Kisses

Directed by:
Joanna Angel

Written by:
Sovereign Syre

Production co:
Pure Taboo

Distributed by: Gamma Entertainment Inc

Country: Canada

Language: English

Digital Release date: March 31, 2020

Copyright © 2020 Gamma Entertainment Inc

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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