NATIONAL CITY, CA — (03-23-20) — Mr. Hankey’s Toys unleash the Mateo XXXL Anal Prolapse Plus JO and Cum Eat Video.

With a Worldwide lock down in place, Mr. Hankey’s delivers anal toy fans a ‘MUST WATCH’ during the quarantine period with the Mateo XXXL.

Mr. Hankey’s Toys marketing and publicity division says the following of the “MUST STOCK” #MATEO Dong – Available in Four Sizes!

“Meet Mateo, another genuine lifecasting from Hankey’s Toys! Mateo is a real-life commercial pilot and the friend of an employee who works here at Hankey’s Toys. Mateo was in town for the day, having landed in San Diego to spend the night and get some rest.

Mateo dropped by our warehouse for a quick tour and lunch. After the tour of the warehouse and during lunch, he began expressing some interest in performing a lifecasting.

After a few drinks at a restaurant across the street we all walked back into the shop where, much to our surprise – Mateo forcefully drops his pants down to his ankles, thrusting his pelvis outward and bellows:

“now’s your chance, come and get it while it’s hot!” Our eyes feasted on Mateo’s engorged manhood and with him now standing at full salute in the middle of our warehouse office, we quickly snatched up the opportunity to capture and preserve his beefy, beer can cock for all to enjoy before he could fly off into the sunset forever! Now you can enjoy Mateo’s big, fat, juicy man-member whenever you want & in any size you want, come and get it!

Oh, in case you were wondering – we downsized and up sized this one. Mateo’s original size is the Medium model.”

Mr Hankey Mateo Dildo Collection-Four-Sizes

Mr Hankey’s Mateo Dildo Collection-Four-Sizes

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Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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