WASHINGTON, D.C. — (03-15-20) — Dr Anthony Fauci, one of the nation’s top health experts, sai on Sunday that a “temporary national lock down is possible” to confront the coronavirus pandemic.

Recognized as the nation’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci took to the Sunday shows to discuss the pandemic of COVID 19, and said that everything is on the table at this point to confront this virus.

He discussed how a temporary national lock down of the country’s restaurants and bars could take place in order to curb the spread of coronavirus, saying he’d like to see a “dramatic” reduction in activity in order to fight the disease.

Needless to say headlines reading “Dr. Anthony Fauci  temporary national lock down possible”, went viral!

Watch Dr. Anthony Fauci’ appearance on Face The Nation (CBS)

Already brick and mortar businesses are cutting back staff hours, store hours or out right closing until this crisis is contained. On top of that, on Sunday during a special telephone press conference, Chairman of the Federal Reserve sent Futures trading into a dive with the announcement of interest rates being cut to near zero. That spiked the futures exchange to go from -175 to a whopping -1,241 before futures trading was halted due to limitations in futures trading.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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