PHOENIX, AZ — (02-12-20) — Entrenue Distribution‘ is reminding retailers that their exclusive ‘Hip Hemp’ is perfect for self-love during Valentine’s Day.

Remember retailers, self-love is just as important as partnered love for Valentine’s Day, and Entrenue is showcasing the luxe, nourishing self-care goodies created by woman-owned Hip Hemp that are now available exclusively through Entrenue.

“As Valentine’s Day approaches, retailers often focus on shoppers seeking that ideal sexy gift for a partner,” said Entrenue Owner and CEO Joe Casella. “But this year we want stores to remind their customers to show themselves some love with gifts like Hip Hemp body care. This unique line of hemp-based products gives retailers the best of both worlds with products that make fabulous romantic gifts for loved ones and luxurious gifts for themselves!” said Casella.



Hip Hemp is a USA-made line of popular hemp-based massage oils, In the Pink moisture drops, and travel packs, as well as their luxurious CBD Balm. Hip Hemp is especially popular among those who deal with vaginal atrophy, discomfort, dryness, and general pain, and who wish to address it without using hormones or prescription medication.

Hip Hemp offerings for Valentine’s Day include:

‘Intimate Massage Oil, available in three formulas: Serene, Unwind, and Uplift, as well as a convenient three-pack featuring all three formulas, which can be used internally or externally.

Moisture Drops, available in 30 and 90 count packages.
Travel Pack with a week’s supply of Moisture Drops and one tube of Intimate Massage Oil.

Available in Serene, Unwind, and Uplift formulas, each travel pack features CBD Balm, available in Calming and Rejuvenating formulas.’

“Hip Hemp is a fabulous line made by two passionate women in Portland, OR,” said Entrenue Senior Sales and Buyer Kim Maty. “The products are all thoughtfully designed and beautifully executed. It’s a great line for retailers because they have the option of carrying only the hemp-based products or, if they want to expand into the CBD market, they can add the CBD balms. For consumers, the products are perfect for self-care and self-pampering.” said Maty.

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Retailer can get immediate ordering information on the Hip Hemp collection by  calling Entrenue toll-free at 1-800-368-7268 | EMAIL  | Facebook  | Twitter.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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