BAGHDAD, IRAQ — (01-02-20) — Four missiles strike Baghdad Airport near US Military forces.  The airport is engulfed in flames after a total of four missiles landed in the perimeter of the Baghdad International Airport, located near US and Iraqi military installations.

All flights in and out of the Baghdad Airport have been cancelled and US military helicopters were seen flying over the area.  With all four missiles striking the Baghdad Airport in the early morning hours with absolute precision, one has to wonder if this is an Iranian response from the US strike last week that killed Iranian backed militias based in Iraq.

Iraqi security said in a statement that four rockets came down inside the airport perimeter early Friday morning Baghdad time. The resulting explosions set two vehicles on fire and injuring civilians.

UPDATE: 4:43 P.M. PST – At least seven people, including a senior official with the Iran-backed militia, have reportedly been killed in an apparent US air strike. 

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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