LOS ANGELES — (12-12-19) — 665 Inc., in a joint venture with Dusedo B.V and QIUI Technology, unveil the CellMate, the world’s first App-Controlled Chastity Device for men.

The joint venture between 665 Inc., Dusedo and QIUI Technology have produced a truly modern form of BDSM play with the launch of the world’s first app-controlled chastity device—CellMate.

“The partnership between 665 and Dusedo has always been about providing our customers with high-quality gear and new ways to play,” 665 President Curtis Thompson told JRL CHARTS. “CellMate is more than just another chastity device, it’s a bold step in a totally new direction for our companies and the industry.” said Thompson.

The chastity device is placed onto the sub and then synced up with the CellMate app in order to give the Dom total control, from anywhere in the world, Until the device is unlocked.

CellMate App-Controlled Chastity Device Features:

Cellmate App-Controlled-Chastity-Device-665-Dusedo

Cellmate App-Controlled-Chastity-Device

* Worldwide control via app
* Keyless locking system
* Master controls unlocking single or multiple devices
* Submissive cannot cheat or escape
* Single player self-locking mode
* Real time geo location and status
* Long lasting battery life (8-12 months)
* Designed for long time wearing
* Ergonomic and breathable design

Available in two lengths:
(Regular [9.5cm] and Long & [12cm]

All detailed instructions and support can be found on cellmatechastity.com

This ‘MUST STOCK’ features a key-less locking system from which the sub cannot cheat or escape, real-time Geo location lock and unlock records along with master controls for unlocking single or multiple devices.

new male sex toys - CellMate App-Controlled Chsatity Device-665 Inc (2)

CellMate App-Controlled Chastity Device-665 Inc (2)

CellMate’s ergonomic, breathable design and high-quality construction allow it to be worn for extended periods of time, with a replaceable battery that holds a charge up to a full 8-12 months.

First revealed at the ANME show in July, CellMate has been met with tremendous demand throughout North America and Europe—its innovative play pattern and thoughtful design proving to be a hit with 665 and Dusedo retailers and customers.

Adult consumers can review now on the 665 Leather Online Superstore Here.

Contact one of 665 Distribution’s sales representatives for immediate ordering information at 1+818-678-9193 | EMAIL | Facebook | Google+ | Instagram | Twitter.

Adult stores buyers can get immediate ordering info by contacting 665 distribution’s partner in Europe, Dusedo B.V Distribution at +31 (0)20 6260702 | Fax: +31 (0)20 6203264 | EMAIL.

For wholesale orders in the U.S.A, contact Eldorado at 1 (800) 525-0848  |  International Calls: 1+303-444-4622 | B2B Site | Elevate-U  |  EMAIL  |  Facebook  | Twitter  | YouTube.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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