MA ON SHAN, HONG KONG — (11-11-19) — Shocking video shows Hong Kong rioters dousing a flammable liquid on a man and then, setting him on fire.

The reason being reported for the attack is that the man refused to join in the anti-China protests.  The victim was heard saying “we are all Chinese”.  The anti-China protesters disagreed and doused the man with a flammable liquid and threw a lit match at him – igniting the flammable liquid.

In the video below, a man is seen in a verbal confrontation with several protesters. The terrifying video shows flames consuming the man’s face and body as he tries to run away from the scene. Bystanders can be heard screaming as the rioters run away.

Watch Video of a Man Set on Fire by Anti-China protesters

Several small fires continue to burn on the concrete walkway while the victim appears to run into a crowd of people. As of this report his condition is unknown.

The incident took place on Monday afternoon in Ma On Shan as masked rioters rampaged through the city. What began as peaceful demonstrations against a now-abandoned extradition bill with mainland China, has morphed into street riots and other forms of political violence.

In fact last week, a pro-Beijing lawmaker was stabbed in Hong Kong in an apparent assassination attempt. Numerous videos have documented masked demonstrators setting fires, destroying public infrastructure, and attacking bystanders and police.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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