LAS VEGAS — (11-09-19) — Anyone up for raw chess? 8teenboy sure is as it drops ‘CheckMate’ starring Spencer Locke and Riley Finch8teenboy Exclusives Spencer Locke and Riley Finch, deliver another mouth watering hit for parent company Helix Studios Direct.

Director and Helix Studios exclusive Max Carter once again takes the reigns behind the camera to deliver you some of the hottest and jaw dropping visual effects that will have you ready to explode within minutes of watching ‘CheckMate’.

CheckMate – a Twink Lovers dream Cum True

8teenboy-CheckMate -Riley Finch-Spencer Locke

8teenboy-CheckMate -Riley Finch-Spencer Locke

gay porn - 8teenboy-CheckMate -Riley Finch-Spencer Locke-gay-raw-twinks

8teenboy-CheckMate -Riley Finch-Spencer Locke-gay-raw-twinks

“Once he’s called check mate, cocky chess king, Spencer Locke lunges across the board, spilling chessmen everywhere, anxious to claim his prize, superstar twink, Riley Finch. The chess champ dominates the lil’ dude with winner’s kisses, tasting the twink’s smooth torso on a trip down to that delicious dick.

He teases Riley’s rager over his boxer briefs before stripping him completely, and deep throating that dick. Finch force feeds the thirsty fella his phallus by pulling his pretty mouth down on his D by his thick head of hair. Then, Spencer stands up and shoves his protruding package in Finch’s face.

The talented twink takes every incredible inch of Locke’s extra long dong down his throat while working the boy’s big, bust filled balls. Riley grabs their juicy joints, and jacks them together, before getting spun around, ass in the air over the back of a chair.

Spencer invites the innocent looking lad’s pleasure center with a tongue piercing, pucker punch before breaking in Riley’s rump with his raw rig. Finch takes a ferocious fucking from the fat phallus, and the room fills with ass smacking, smash sounds.”

While 8teenboy is busy launching their breathtaking debut of ‘CheckMate’, Helix Studios Direct is busy shipping ‘Horny Pool Boys’ DVD and The blockbuster summer hit, ‘The Power Of Three’ on DVD worldwide.

Watch ‘CheckMate’- Exclusively on 8teenboy below

gay porn - 8teenboy-CheckMate-gay-twink-trailer


Cast: Spencer Locke  | Riley Finch

genres: 18-25 | Bareback | Big Dicks | Blowjobs | CreampiesKissing | Power Bottoms

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Directed by: Max Carter

Produced by: Casey Roman

Executive Producer: Keith Miller

Production co: 8teenboy

Distributed by: Helix Studios Direct

Country: USA

Language: English

Run time: 31 Minutes

Release date: November 9, 2019

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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