SAN FRANCISCO — (11-06-19) — Treasure Island Media’s newest membership site Latin Loads, is now streaming ‘Latin Ass Stretchers’, and available on DVD.

Produced by Max Sohl, Paul Morris and directed by Adan Medina, Lass Ass Stretchers stars Raul Benitez, Santiago Valdez, Dante Piero, Volito, El Maestro, Rubiel Colina, Leonel Cortez, Rodrigo Chivas, Paco Rivera, Tito Gomez, Dante Piero and Rigo Dimas.

Latin Ass Stretchers stars 12 Raw Papacitos on LatinLoads



Latin gay porn - Treasure Island Media - 'Latin Ass Stretchers' Now Streaming on Latin Loads

Treasure Island Media – ‘Latin Ass Stretchers’ Now Streaming on Latin Loads

Raul Benitez has a wrist-thick cock with a curve that hits all the right places. Santiago Valdez warms up Raul’s cock with true oral worship, then bounces on it like a happy little boy on a teeter-totter.

El Maestro is an important, well-known young man in South America—but that doesn’t stop him from fucking every available young stud. The masked hole-whisperer teases Rubiel Colina’s bung with his thick salchucha until those buns are begging for jizz. El Maestro happily obliges.

Following that escena, Leonel Cortez leans back and lets Rodrigo Chivas suck and worship his 7 inches of dick. Cortez uses Chivas’ crazy mohawk as a handhold to guide the bottom’s head up and down, up and down, up and down … Then Cortez fully conquers the bottom’s hole, filling it with the cum and piss of a true conquistador!

Prize manfucker Dante Piero (that hung, smug stud on the cover) makes two bottom-wrecking appearances in Latin Ass Stretchers. First he takes Voltio two ways—over a crate, and again in the shower. He switches between piston-fucking Voltio’s butt-cheeks, and deep-dicking his throat until both holes are rewarded with overflowing seed.

Since Dante is bone-hard 24 hours a day/365 days a year, he was all ready to go when he walked in on Rigo Dimas for Round 2. Crouching obediently on his hand and knees, Rigo sucks Dante’s tasty man-chorizo into his mouth.

His need to suck takes a backseat to his need to be royally fucked, so he bends over a table to present his ass for a relentless pounding from the cocky top.”

Dig into Latin Ass Stretchers from Adan Medina and Paul Morris, now streaming exclusively on Latin Loads and, available on DVD at Treasure Island Media.

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Directed by: Adan Medina

Produced by: Max Sohl |  Paul Morris

Production co: Treasure Island Media

Distributed by: NBCD

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Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: November 6, 2019

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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