PENNSAUKEN, N.J. — (10-18-19) — WTULearn has launched its new Sensuva e-Learning Course for adult retailers worldwide. The Williams Trading University (WTULearn) brings brick & mortar stores as well as adult e-tailer sites, a new free e-learning platform available to existing and new accounts of Williams Trading Company.

Williams Trading University Sensuva e-Learning Course

The new training module Sensuva Natural Lubricants and Enhancements introduces Williams Trading University students to the brand’s unique collection of sexual health and wellness products.

Crafted of all-natural botanicals, essential oils, and extracts, Sensuva products are created using original formulas in the USA, with the goal of helping consumers feel more turned on, aroused, and connected to their partners.

The collection covered in the training module include:

1. Long and short term arousal solutions
2. Enhancers
3. Desensitizers
4. Erotic cosmetics
5. A Wide range of personal lubricants

Sensuva has a wide variety of lubricants, all formulated without chemical preservatives — such as Phenooxyethanol and Tetrasodium EDTA. Their water-based and Ultra Thick Water-Based lubricants are 99% natural, and all of their lubricants have FDA approval as well.

Learners will discover the different types of lubricant varieties offered by Sensuva, which includes the brand’s exclusive flavored hybrid lubes—the first of their kind.

The next category of Sensuva products covered in the training focus on arousal products for both men and women, including the brand’s flagship ON for Her, which comes in three intensities: Lite, Original (mild), and Ultra.

During the training, students will also watch a video filmed by nationally-renowned sexual health expert Dr. Jennifer Berman, M.D. Unlike a majority of other female arousal stimulants, ON contains no menthol or L-Argenine, and is therefore deemed safe for people with the herpes virus (L-Argenine can increase herpes outbreaks.)

Sensuva offers men a number of products as well:

1. Happy Hiney (which can also be used by women,)
2. Tush Tingle
3. ON Bold Delay Gel
4. ON Sex Drive
5 ON Power Glide

All are formulated with male consumers in mind, and the training course discusses each of these products so that retailers can best recommend the right products to customers.

The module covers Sensuva’s Foreplay line of products, most of which help provide an additional layer of excitement to massage and oral pleasure.

Sensuva offers a wide variety of pheromone-infused products, from intimate shave gels to body sprays, to bubble baths and massage oils. Sensuva even offers pheromone-infused products that focus on the male consumer and body care. Each of the products in this category of products is covered in the training module.

The last category of products covered by the training course is Sensuva’s Erotic Cosmetics line. A buzzy lipgloss infused with pheromones, offered in four colors; Bronzing Shimmer Gel and Kissable Diamond Dust; these cosmetics are meant to entice a partner and make the wearer feel beautiful.

Students taking this course will learn how to best sell Sensuva products through this training course, and merchandising is easy with the elevated look of the counter and wall displays that can be requested from a Williams Trading Co. sales rep.

At the end of the course, learners will be directed to take a short quiz on what they learned, and upon passing, share or download their certification for this module.

This is a module packed with information, and students will thoroughly enjoy getting to know the Sensuva line of products and what makes them stand out.

Retailers can get more information on the entire line up of Sensuva, by contacting Williams Trading Co. Toll Free at 1-800-423-8587 | International Calls: 1-856-662-3344 | EMAIL  | Facebook  |  Twitter | YouTube

Plus E-tailers, take advantage of the Williams Trading Company’ Drop Shipment Program.

Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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