AUSTIN, TX — (10-03-19) (Gay News) (Male Sex Toys) — Real Love Sex Dolls ‘BRANDON’, is a perfect item for adult stores inventory for the holidays.

Standing at 5ft 9 in / 175 cm, weighing in at 123 lbs / 56 kg, this blue eyed real love sex doll is just what gay men have been waiting for!

BRANDON Real Love Sex Dolls Now On Sale for the Holidays

Gay News - Male Sex Toys - Real Love Sex Dolls BRANDON

Real Love Sex Dolls Brandon – Male Sex Toys

Description of Real Love Sex Dolls BRANDON:

“BRANDON is a bit of a man’s man! He loves to be active and get his hands dirty. When he’s all done, he comes home, strips off his clothes, and takes a shower. Aren’t you glad you’re there?

Maybe today you can help him. When he walks through that door you can grab him right away. He’s not going to protest. Unbutton his shirt and run your hands all over his chiseled abs. His skin feels so amazing and realistic.

He’s just as excited as you are – when your hands roam under his belt, you can feel his enormous, stiff cock. You can hardly wait! You yank his pants down, exposing all that beautiful flesh. Brandon is a premium quality TPE sex doll, and he’s built to play as much as you like. His hard cock feels astoundingly life-like.

Gay News - Male Sex Toys - Real Love Sex Dolls BRANDON

Real Love Sex Dolls Brandon – Male Sex Toys Sex Dolls

The BRANDON Real Love Sex Doll loves all kinds of attention including spanking and exploring his tight butt. You can kiss and enter his mouth and, he’s always ready for it all at any given time. It’s almost time for Brandon to come home. Get ready to have some fun!”

Adult consumers – Review Real Love Sex Dolls’ BRANDON Here.

Adult novelty stores can get ordering information on BRANDON the Real Love Sex Doll by calling 1+844-386-7573 | EMAIL | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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